Saturday, June 24, 2017

Some Essential Swedish

Here are some essential swedish I learnt during my stay in Sweden. Amongst them are question words and courtesy words.
Hur - How
Nar - When
Vad - What
Var - Where
Vem - Who
Snalla - Please
Tack - Thanks
Forlat Mig - Forgive Me
Jag - Yes
Nej - No
Lite - Little
Utan - Without
Enkel - Simple
Endast - Only
Koket - Kitchen
Kott - Meat

Example constructs are:
Hur ar da? - How are you? To which you can answer "Bara bra, tack" (Just OK, thanks)

Snalla, har du mjolk? - Please do you have milk?

Forlat mig, jag forstar inte. - Forgive me, I don't understand.

Prata Svenska? -'Speak Swedish? To which you can answer "Jag" or "Nej" or " Lite".



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