Thursday, February 15, 2018

The case of dr. Spruv, westingbury children, and the thalomide bats

This is a fictional tragedy. It goes thus:

Dr. Steel Spruv was an educational facilitator. He was also an unfortunate man. His twin son's and their daughter died in a car accident in which the their mother, who was the only woman he loved, survived. However, soon after this, the doctors had to remove his wife's womb to stop complications of cancer.

This meant he couldn't have any more children of his own. For this reason, he hated kids. Over the years, his wife convinced him to adopt a boy; he did, but his hatred for children had become an obsession. He wanted to kill all the children in the world.

One day his adopted child, Willy, came home with a very old briefcase.

"What's that?" He barked at Willy as he tried to sneak up the stairs. "It's something I found in school..." Willy began, but Dr. Spruv snatched the suitcase from him.

He shuffled into the living room where he opened it, Willy at his trail.

He soon discovered that the briefcase had a false bottom. In the upper layer was a scroll, written in old English, probably dating back to the 16th century.

The scroll basically said: 'In the false bottom of this briefcase are 40 thalomide bats, which follow their leader anywhere upon release. They are only visible to the one who drinks the included elixir. Anyone the thalomide bats bite will die within 10 weeks. There is no remedy. They can return to the briefcase on their own, however, the bats will not bite except they follow their leader. Into whose hands this magic may fall, use with caution.'

"Just what I need" Dr. Spruv thought to himself. "A lot of facilitated children are going to be dying soon!"

"C'me here, Willy," he said, in as nice a voice as possible, and then outlined the plan. As Dr. Spruv exited his classes with the children, a hidden Willy will release the bats on the children. Dr. Spruv gulped down some elixir and gave some to Willy.

Their plan was going as scheduled. A lot of children were falling ill within 10 weeks of Dr. Spruv teaching them. Many were dying.

On the day nemesis was going to catch up with Dr. Spruv, he had two classes. He had success with Willy and the bats in the first class, but the leader bat did not get into the briefcase before Willy closed it. So, it just hung around the shoulder of a child due in the next class.

In the next class, when Dr. Spruv found out things were not going to plan, he went in search of the bats. The boy with the leader bat followed him for clarification of a point. In his annoyance, Dr. Spruv dismissed the boy and the bat. On his return to the class, the bats followed, biting everybody, including Dr. Spruv.

Before he died, Dr. Spruv made a confessional statement and the bats were destroyed.



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